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What is a bath.salt?

bath.salts are 50g sachets of highly concentrated essential oil bath salts. Each sachet contains enough salt for 2 baths using half a sachet per bath. The salts contain the maximum volume of essential oils allowed per volume of Dead Sea salt. This means that you not only get the health benefits of a salt bath but you also get a complete aromatherapy sensual experience.

How are bath. salts made?

I make all my bath salts at home using Dead Sea salt and unique, hand picked combinations of essential oils. All my products are approved and have their own CPSR (Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment) which is legal documentation, provided by a chemist, to ensure the safety of my products.

Can I use bath. products if I have sensitive skin?

Although fully tested to use on anyone age 3 years and over, due to the high concentration of salt and essential oils, they are not recommended if you have broken or sensitive skin. If the product gets in your eyes, rinse with cold water.

Can I use bath. products if I am pregnant?

As with all cosmetic/bath products, you should a check with your midwife before using bath.salts during pregnancy. There are certain essential oils that are not recommended during pregnancy so please do check before use.

What do I do if skin irritation occurs?

All bath. products have their own cosmetic licence which has checked that the ingredients used are safe for human health when used under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions of use. All cosmetic products placed on the EU market must be subject to a safety assessment conducted by a qualified person. However, if irritation occurs stop use straight away and rinse the skin with cold water. Everyone’s skin is different and can react differently to essential oils.

How do I personalise my bath.product?

By adding an item to your basket you have the option ‘Send message to merchant’. Please add any messages you’d like sent along with your product here. For this is printed into the card using an inkjet laser printer.

How quickly do I need to use my bath.salts?

We recommend using your bath products within six months. You may notice, if bath salts are kept in a warm room, they may begin to show a yellow tinge. This is nothing to worry about, and just is the result of the oils separating slightly from the salt. For best results, keep your bath salts in a cool cupboard and use within six months.

How can I learn more about bath.?

For any questions or queries please dm me on instagram @bath_dot or email me at

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